How to Nominate


If you wish to nominate a colleague you are asked to check with the person that you wish to nominate to ensure that they are happy for their name to go forward, and that they can fulfil the commitments listed below (sections 1-4).  The same process is involved for the appointment of the host venue. Nominees for both awards have historically tended to come mainly from a core mental health nursing background, but in the spirit of Eileen Skellern’s vision for a multi-disciplinary approach to  mental health, nominations for colleagues from a variety of backgrounds are welcomed. NOMINATIONS CAN BE SENT TO:; or

1) The candidate, should they be appointed, must be available to deliver the lecture on the date agreed. 

2) Nominees for the ES lecture are asked for a title & synopsis of their lecture (no more than 300 words).  Lifetime Achievement Nominees are asked to provide a short biography (150-300). This information will be forwarded to the appointments committee panel.  The short list and appointments are announced at the conference dinner at 24th International MHN Research Conference at RCN HQ, London, September 12-13 (candidates are not required to be present).     

3) The appointments panel consists of former recipients, sponsors, student representatives (since 2010) and organisers of the ES & JPMHN awards. The panel members vote for the candidates ranking each nominee (eg 1,2,3,4,5) - voting separately for each award.  The candidate with the lowest score in each short list is appointed.   The voting matrix is available only to panel members.  In the event of a panel member being nominated that panel member will not be able vote for that appointment.

4) The short list is publicised.

5) Time frame.  Nominations for awards and host organisation close at the end of AUGUST 2019.  The panel deliberate, and the announcement of the panel’s decision is made at the  MHN Research Conference in London,  in September.   

Dr Russell Ashmore (MHNA), Professor Len Bowers (past lecturer),  Dr Joy Bray (co-ordinator), Geoff Brennan (past lecturer), Professor Neil Brimblecombe (past lecturer), Professor Phil Burnard (past recipient), Professor Tony Butterworth (past lecturer), Professor Patrick Callaghan (past lecturer), Professor Mary Chambers (Past lecturer), Venessa Ford (SWLSTG-Tr), Professor Bryn Davis (past recipient - JPMHN former editor), Andrew Dean (Avon & Somerset), Kristin Dominy (Slam Director), Professor Joy Duxbury (past lecturer), Professor Lawrie Ellliot (JPMHN Editor), Professor Cheryl Forchuk (past lecturer), Catherine Gamble (past lecturer), Dr Julie Hall (Notts Health Care Trust), Dr Ben Hannigan (MHNA), Professor Sally Hardy (LSBU), Professor Karina Lovell (past lecturer), Marion Janner (past recipient), Professor Hugh Mckenna (past recipient), Professor Mick McKeown (UCLan), Beverley Murphy (SLAM) Professor Peter Nolan (past recipient), Professor Ian Norman (past lecturer), Professor Steven Pryjmachuk (MHNA), Malcolm Rae (past recipient),  Dr Julie Repper (past lecturer), Professor Alan Simpson (past lecturer), Professor David Sines (past lecturer), Professor Shirley Smoyak (past recipient), Dr Ben Thomas (past lecturer), Jane Wells (Director, Oxleas), Dr Gary Winship (non-voting panel chair).